IEEE Taipei Blockchain Group (Taipei Section)


Blockchain experts in Taiwan and related to Taiwan industries and academism are divided into individuals and small groups. They have been isolated each other and not collaborated effectively so far. Thereby, the bridge from Taiwan to Blockchain world has been mainly based on private communications and collaborations and not organized well on the IEEE platform. IEEE Taipei Blockchain Group is a hub or platform that Blockchain experts in Taiwan and related to Taiwan’s industries and academism can know each other and gives them a chance to collaborate effectively. IEEE Taipei Blockchain Group facilitates communications, collaborations, familiarizations etc. from Taiwan’s Blockchain industries and academism to the world-wide groups of Blockchain society and vice-versa, by collaborating IEEE Blockchain Initiative, given that it would be a fruitful exchange for the world Blockchain future. IEEE Taipei Blockchain Group aims to exchange advanced investigations and developments of Blockchain technologies, applications, business etc. from Taiwan to the world and from the world to Taiwan. IEEE Taipei Blockchain Group aims to dig up new talents and educate young talents of blockchain from Taiwan and give them a bridge to as fruitful future as possible, by collaborating IEEE Taipei section. IEEE Taipei Blockchain Group respects diversity. Irrespective of race, age, sex, creed, colors, etc., IEEE Taipei Blockchain Group provides the above-mentioned opportunities to those relating to Taiwan’s Blockchain activities, given that their actions and behaviors are not contrary to public order and morality and the law of Taiwan R. O. C.

Main activities

IEEE Blockchain Taipei Group helps to develop the Blockchain activity of Taiwan and promotes it globally. One of good activity the First International Symposium on Future Information, Communication and Blockchain Technology (Future ICBT 2023) will be to hold at Asia University, Taiwan. Its conference website is shown in as well as and Its submission link is also shown in This conference is organized by Asia University, wherein one of cofounder of IEEE Blockchain Taipei Group, Dr. Hsing-Chung Chen (IEEE Senior Member, 90629351) is a Distinguished Full Professor (Asia University, Taiwan) and he is a general chair of this conference. The conversion may be quicker than establishing from the scratch. We will survey the regulation of IEEE conference format so that the conversion will be as smoothly proceeded as possible. Also, IEEE Taipei Blockchain Group is interested in attracting an international conference of Blockchain from oversea. For example, VLSI symposium is held in Japan and US alternatively. Such a circuitry international conference of Blockchain may be helpful to loop international colleagues of Blockchain. IEEE Taipei Blockchain Group will contribute to such an international collaboration on the platform of IEEE conference. Furthermore, IEEE Taipei Blockchain Group will hold tutorial and workshop in Taiwan to widely introduce Blockchain technologies and ecosystem to Taiwan’s academism and Industry. It is well-known that Taiwan is a semiconductor Island and plays an international central role of IC products supply chain. The networked IC products is indeed the Internet-of-things. Because connected things must mount an IC chip inside to connect to the internet with no exception. As the number of connected things increases, as the geographical distribution of connected things widens, it becomes difficult to control and handle connected things to provide a designed service. Here, we believe that, thanks to smart contract and toughness to falsification, Blockchain has limitless opportunities to develop an emerging ecosystem atop the IoT platform. The value of Blockchain in Taiwan is to develop and dig up opportunities to combine Blockchain technologies and ecosystems to IC products. Moreover, IEEE Taipei Blockchain Group will hold lectures and seminars to educate IC engineers and students so that they can be familiar with Blockchain technologies and ecosystems. A periodical meet-up event is also helpful to make networking between young, senior, Taiwanese, foreigner, academic and engineering persons who are interested in Blockchain even a little. We believe that these activities are helpful to supply diverse human resources regarding Blockchain from Taiwan. IEEE Taipei Blockchain Group will lead any kind of Blockchain activities in Taiwan and bridge it to the world.


Dr. Hiroshi Watanabe

Full Professor of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan.

Dr. Hsing-Chung Chen

Distinguished Full Professor of Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Asia University, Taiwan. also

Dr. Bor-Sung Liang

Senior Director, Strategic Technology Exploration Platform, MediaTek, Taiwan.

Yute Lin

VP of Engineering of MaiCoin/AMIS, Taiwan.